Nidhogg is a Norse dragon that, when not tending to the destruction of the roots of Yggdrasil, punishes the most wicked dead by sucking on their corpses for sustinence. Just like Nidhogg we need to detroy the roots of the world i.e. TRADITIONS and CULTURES to form new and better ones, and like Nidhogg we must devour all evil doers because the world needs Freedom, Justice and Truth! --- Updated: 21st of Jan 2009

LATEST NEWS (JAN): Don't believe the Obama hype, war is still coming! Feel free to comment here on this site... if you have something intelligent to say that is!

January 20, 2009

A real miracle...


Some call the fact that the US has its very first black president a miracle, but I would rather say that a real miracle would be the day when an atheist is sworn into office!

© deviadah

March 18, 2008

Södertälje vs. USA

Södertälje, a Swedish town south of Stockholm, has in the last two years received over a thousand refugees from Iraq, which is about 16 refugees per citizen. Add to this the immigration of relatives of these refugees. In fact Södertälje has received more refugees than the United States! Another 2000 refugees is due to arrive during 2008!

What the fuck is the US up to? If they start the mess they should for fucks sake finish it. Uncle Sam should take care of these people that are fleeing for their lives! Not about oil my ass!

Fuck the US government and all US patriots!

I hope you all die!

© deviadah

March 08, 2008

Writer's Block

I have been busy with my real life and what that does is that it destroys any form of creative thinking i.e. I haven't posted much in this blog during 2008! I will try and do better... not that a lot of people are reading these words anyway. It seems that blogs that concern themselves with gossip, fashion or other mindless activities get as much hits a day that I get in a year!

That is humanity for you!

© deviadah

February 08, 2008

Brand New Weapon

"The Pentagon is planning a new generation of weapons, including huge hypersonic drones and bombs dropped from space, that will allow the US to strike its enemies at lightning speed from its own territory. Over the next 25 years, the new technology would free the US from dependence on forward bases and the cooperation of regional allies, part of the drive towards self-sufficiency spurred by the difficulties of gaining international cooperation for the invasion of Iraq." - source

What really strikes me as utterly horrifying are the words 'spurred by the difficulties of gaining international cooperation...'

Basically the US military is saying that they want to do what the fuck they like. It ain't so strange that we still haven't gone to Mars or beyond... we're too busy bitching over scraps of land!

Fuckin' humans, and their leaders!

© deviadah

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